We have put togeghter some of the fishing rigs that we have used for varies kinds of fishing. Basically you can add this shot anywhere on your line or on a hook or in some cases inject in directly into a soft lure.

Our customers are coming up with new ways to use the Shot-Gun all the time.

So we would like to hear from you!

Let us know what kind of rig that you use with the Shot-Gun system and we will add it to our site, Thank You


Bass Fishing

Fly Fishing

Standard Fly Fishing set-up, This is the rig we use all winter long indicator nymphing for Steelhead in New York with flies and egg patterns

Fly Fishing Opt. 2 using a dropper to attach weight. With or without a knot on the end of dropper. The knot will make it harder to displace shot when snagged.


I know that alot of purest spey fishers would scoff at the idea of adding extra weight to their set-up, But I know alot of great Spey fisherman that will add alittle weight to their rig if needed and this is a great way to do it.

Center Pinning

The great Thing about using Shot-Gun Shot for Center Pinning is that the shot will not damage your line like spilt shots and you can easily reposition them on the line as conditions dictate and finally you can reuse the shot over and over.

Float Fishing

Option 1

Option 2


Ice Fishing

Option 1

Option 2














The shot can be injected in any plastic bait to increase sink rate or change action of lure, e.g., you can insert shot into both ends of a plastic worm that is rigged wacky style and you can change both the sink rate and the action of the bait.





The shot can be added directly to hooks to fine tune your rig.